Duke Cannon

Duke Cannon Cologne: A Collection Of Scent Delights

Duke Cannon Cologne is an essential grooming product if you are looking to smell great without having to make a big show of it. Available in two forms - Proper (traditional liquid) Cologne and Solid Cologne, It's perfect for the modern man who needs to smell good on-the-go.

Duke Cannon News Anchor Pomade Parade. We Review 'em All

Looking to tame that tangle and have a mane worthy of prime time TV? Duke Cannon Supply Co. a famed purveyor of quality men's grooming products, has a range of pomades suited to all hair types that will make your hair a newsworthy item wherever your travels take you.

Duke Cannon Beard Balm: Conquering The Chaos!

Beard balm can be used either as an adjunct or an effective alternative to beard oil. They are both a great way to tame, soften and moisturize an unruly beard - especially if you don't want to frighten the wildlife when scouting the urban jungle.