We Review Soap Socks For Your Exfoliating Pleasure!

soap sock

Soap Socks are a simple but effective tool for exfoliating your skin while showering or bathing.

They are typically a pouch made of a soft, flexible material that you drop your soap bar into and then use to gently scrub and exfoliate all over your body, focusing on dry and flaky areas. Not high tech at all but certainly very effective.

Exfoliating is a healthy, invigorating, enjoyable shower or bath routine for both men and women. Aside from gently removing dead skin, it assists in reducing acne breakouts, boosts circulation and helps even skin tone.

Removing dead skin and increasing circulation is a great way to prepare for your moisturizing regimen.

A good soap sock will develop a profuse lather on its surface making it easy to get yourself soapy all over. It will eliminate the slippery soap bar problem of forever dropping your soap and they usually come with a loop so you can hang them on a tap or hook where they will quickly dry out.

This will also prevent the soap inside from sitting in a soggy puddle and dissolving all over your soap dish or into your bath tub. Why not add a little extra joy to your life with the beautiful scent of a handmade soap as well?

One other small benefit: If you have odd bits of soap lying around that you might otherwise throw out, just drop them in and lather away. No mess no waste!

All of the soap socks below are machine wash safe and although the synthetic ones won't be harmed if left constantly moist, it doesn't hurt to wash and fully dry periodically for hygiene reasons.

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Boao Exfoliating Mesh Soap Sock Pouches

Boao Exfoliating Mesh Soap Sock Pouches

Why We Love Them

Say goodbye to dull and dry skin with Boao Exfoliating Soap Socks! These little wonders will help you create a better shower experience with lots of foam and bubbles.

Each polyethylene mesh pouch measures 5.3 x 3.5 inches and is big enough to hold most bar soaps. No more worrying about the soap slipping out accidentally because it is secured with a drawstring. You can use the drawstring also hang it on a tap or a hook and it will dry quickly preventing the soap bar inside sitting in water. These socks are great for exfoliating and cleaning so treat yourself to a great shower or bath and share some with your friends. They make a cheap but thoughtful gift.

Available in packs of 10 or 20 in random assorted colors. Even 10 is quite a collection - but they make a cheap and thoughtful gift to share with your friends.

Things You Should To Know

Material: Polyethylene

Size: 5.3 x 3.5 inches

Number: Packs of 10 or 20

myHomeBody Soap Sock Exfoliating Soap Saver Pouch

myHomeBody Soap Sock Exfoliating Soap Saver Pouch

Why We Love Them

myHomeBody Soap Sock is a very effective exfoliator and is a practical alternative to loofah body scrubbers.

The pouch is made from high quality PE nylon and is durable and easy to clean. It quickly sweeps away dead skin cells to reveal fresh glowing skin. It is suitable for adults with dry and rough skin who need a vigorous exfoliating scrub particularly on rougher areas like feet, elbows and knees.

This soap sock comes in kraft paper packaging and a soap lift soap saver pad. It measures 7.8” x 4.4” so will fit just about any soap bar.

You can purchase with confidence as myHomeBody will rapidly address any issues you may have.

myHomeBody Soap Sock Exfoliating Soap Saver Pouch makes a great gift to yourself or anyone you would like to please!

Things You Should Know

Material: PE Nylon

Size: 7.8” x 4.4”

Colors: Graphite grey, White smoke

Duke Cannon Supply Co. Tactical Scrubber Soap Sock

Duke Cannon Supply Co. Tactical Scrubber Soap Sock

Why We Love It

This one has a higher price than most but it’s a tough piece of kit that the manufacturer calls “military grade” and will certainly last well.

Bigger than most as it’s designed to take Duke Cannon 10 ounce soap bars so there is lots of room for a normal bar – or you can even put two in there.

There are two grades of mesh on each soap sock. One side (green colored) is course to deal with tough areas such as feet and elbows and the other (orange) is milder to scrub more delicate areas or if you have sensitive skin. A tough paracord lanyard allows you to hang it when not in use.

They are made in the USA in a veteran owned facility and field tested by active duty US military personnel. A portion of proceeds go to support veterans – certainly a worthwhile cause.

The material is a tough BPA free synthetic - likely polyethylene, but it’s not specified by the manufacturer.

A great gift for tough guys but the girls will love them too.

Things You Should Know

Material: BPA free polyethylene (we think)

Size: Bigger than most 😊

Evelots Terry Cloth Soap Sock

Evelots Terry Cloth Soap Sock

Why We Love Them

If your skin is sensitive and you find synthetic soap socks a little too harsh, then these terry cloth alternatives by Evelots might be just what you need. With a pocket for slipping in a bar of soap and lathering up, these terry cloth holders are a great, gentle solution for sensitive skin.

This set of 2 (one pink and one teal blue) are made with high-quality terry cloth that’s smooth and easy on your skin. A sponge insert helps it hold addition soap and water to ensure a sudsy effect. They measure in at 6.25 inches long, 5 inches wide and are sure to last you a long time, wash after wash!

Being made of natural fiber you do need to take a little more care. They are not as fast drying so it’s best to take the soap out after each use and let them dry out thoroughly or simply make a habit of throwing them in the wash each time, so you know they are always fresh. It’s worth the extra work though to be using a gentle, natural material.

Although they have a loop for hanging, it does not act as a drawstring so there is a small chance the soap may slip out of the pocket.

These soap socks are ideal for gifting when you are on a budget and want to give something thoughtful on pretty much any occasion.

Evelots have a 30-day easy return policy and you will be supporting a small American business.

Things You Should Know

Material: Terry Cloth

Size: 6.25 inches x 5 inches

Colors: 2 pack - one pink and one blue

You might want to check out Evelots other products here. We particularly like their cute door draft stoppers.

Evelots door draft stoppers


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